Welcome to Audazzle

Team Audazzle are here to bring you our stuff from a sci-fi comic universe called “the Aloniverse”.

We’ve made it our business to bring you; out of this world stories, inclusive fun, card games, video games, local clubs and breakthrough accessible technologies.

So, if you are here to learn about or get a copy of the ALONIVERSE S1D1 Link to the Aloniverse S1-D1
, the base card deck from which many fun games are played… You’re in luck. We’ve just finished testing it, click here to ORDER a copy. Otherwise CONTACT-US with any other enquiry about the Aloniverse.

We do our upmost to make content that’s fun, accessible and inclusive.

In 2014 we made our first video game (JumpInSauceRS). we wanted it to be playable by visually impaired people and sighted side by side. If you and your friends would like to stop the dastardly Queen Darksock,
Get a copy of JumpInSauceRS its on the app store and google play. Othwerwise just search Audazzle and JUMPINSAUCERS all one word (don’t forget, there’s no G in jumpinsaucers).

JumpInSauceRS Logo

We want you to love something about what we do and be sure you can tell us what you love. That’s what makes us tick. If you love what you heard already, reach out today through our contact us form.

We have just been featured on SKY NEWS SWIPE Technology show. Take a look below for the full feature or above for just our bit. We are so proud of Daisy and Daniel and a big thanks to the whole team. Without all the team it wouldn’t be possible.

If you’d like to discover more about what we do, start with the menu above. Or try this nifty link to even more about The Audazzle

Kieran and Dan playing cards

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