Captain’s Transmission 002

Hello Earth,

It’s ground control… Yes, We are back!

As captain of the JumpInSaucers fleet, it’s with great pleasure I inform you our diplomatic mission to bring peace to the Lugunter planet was a great success!

However, one of our scouts intercepted a transmission from Queen Dark Sock, she plans to take earth by surprise, so let’s spoil her party.
We as the people of earth have a duty to protect our planet, we must not let these critters win, or we will never hear the end of their crittering mumbo jumbo.

After deploying our KickStarter campaign, we managed to recruit huge support from our neighbouring solar systems, they are sending saucers and lasers for the people of earth to use in our stand against the rampaging tyrants of our neighbouring nebula.

Battle headquarters is the Media Wiki, our scribblers are busy translating all the different tribal stories from the Milky Way into one digestible earth language, please be nice to the snorelon on your way in, he may occasionally fall asleep while talking…

We need all of earth’s heroes to help us spread the word of our oncoming battle, Mists of Audazzle is as you are all aware; clouded in a mist of mystery and so it shall be until we are victorious!

We need you earth, we need to write our new course of history, for our future depends on our heroes. Can you be our hero?

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Stardate: 55161.1 

3D Sound Improvements!

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