Share your ideas and inspire the games we develop.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and bright ideas. They could become an additional feature, new level or an entirely different game in the future. Leave as much feedback as you like and don’t worry: we can handle any criticisms without having our feelings hurt! We’ve left the questions fairly opened-ended so that we don’t limit your imagination. This is your opportunity to help us create your ideal video games, so go for it.

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Are you visually-impaired?

Let's talk about all things AUDIO! The sound is probably the single most important aspect of our games, so we want to get it right! What did you think of the sound used in our games? How did the audio affect the gameplay? What else would you like to hear? Use your imagination. No idea is too bonkers for us!

A question for our sighted and partially-sighted gamers: What improvements could be made to our graphics? We'd like our games to have visuals that are just as fantastic as the sound, so we'd love to hear your suggestions and comments.

Audazzle games and our website have both been designed so that they can be enjoyed by people who can't see, and people who can. 'Accessibility' is very important to us, as we want everyone to be able to share the experience! Have you encountered any problems accessing our content? Are there any changes you'd like us to make, or areas that need improving?

FUTURE GAMES! (This is the bit where you can invent all sorts of crazy stuff. Who knows? It might just become a reality!) If you were able to create your dream computer game; what would it be like and how would you play it? For those who are interested in technology and gadgetry, feel free to share your ideas on how we could use new techie stuff.