We at Audazzle endeavor to create inclusive social experiences because we believe that everybody should be able to partake in the fun of gaming together. This can either be achieved locally or online through streaming services.
Why inclusive?
Ironically, many games which boast accessibility features actually end up excluding large parts of the market. A regular audiogame for example; while being playable and completeable by those who are blind can exclude sighted gamers due to the alienating audio only interface.
Conversely, even though the use of stereo and 3D audio in games are becoming more prevalent, it doesn’t necessarily make a game playable if the font size or even colour are inaccessible to the player.
Audazzle aim to rectify this by combining audio and visuals to encourage everybody to partake regardless of age, disability or skill level.
Our cards are accessible to those with sight issues. We use contrasting visuals, easily readable text, and braille can be added upon request, Our card reader app compliments this by giving extra detail on the various characters and locales.
Club activities can include anything from a game of cards, creating storylines in groups which may become part of a future cannon episode, or playing the latest release for computers and mobile devices..

We harness new technologies to create family-friendly games that are suitable for all ages. By encouraging shared experiences with their sighted friends and family members through game play, we hope to bring an end to the social isolation too often experienced by the VI community.

Our combined technical expertise and specialist knowledge cover a diverse range of professional fields, including: computer programming, digital design, education, social anthropology, fundraising, app building and pioneering 3D-audio production!

How does 3D audio work?

3D audio mimics the way our ears pinpoint the sounds we hear around us. The production process involves placing a collection of sound effects within a virtual three-dimensional space. When the audio is then played through headphones, it can create the illusion of sound coming not only from the left or right, but also from in front, behind, above and below the listener.
Two boys playing an Audazzle computer game together on their laptop.

The future of gaming: Audazzle to the rescue!

Despite advances in digital sound technology, the use of 3D-audio in video games is still yet to be fully explored. In recent cases where such audio has already been applied to games, the games are primarily audio-only. The lack of visuals inhibit interaction between visually-impaired and non-VI gamers and can prevent the competitive element of gaming that can make it so enjoyable. Subsequently, Audazzle began developing games that encompass 3D-audio and computer graphics, which can be experienced separately or simultaneously.