Captain’s Transmission 001

Hello crew, we have been travelling through space for what seems like infinity, we are nearing Earth… I can see it just beyond Mars.
This is my first transmission as the newly appointed Captain of the ‘Jumpin Saucers’ fleet, I have news that the evil Queen DarkSock is nearing our solar system, it’s rumored she’s with numerous critters and swingers ready to attack our home planet. We must stop her!

All the clans in ‘Jumping Saucers’ fleet are joining up to battle, This is the first time Earth will see all these fierce captains together, their names are legendary and are engraved in the Audazzle Hall Of Fame, but first we must:

-Recruit new Matrons, Footmen And Captains
-Protect our hall of fame
-Rank our captains, matrons, clans
-Gather more intelligence on Dark Sock and her fleet

This all seems easy, but it isn’t. The hall of fame must be protected at all costs, so all our legendary captains can maintain their status. Ranking our new captains and clans needs a genius, no one but the legendary One can do this, but no one has heard from him since his last transmission and that was over a light year ago… Will he make it on time?

Our space scouts are scattered along the solar systems leading to Earth, hopefully we will receive more news about Dark Sock’s fleet, I heard rumors of an ultimate weapon being built. Let’s hope for the fleet’s sake they are just rumors and nothing else.

When we reach Earth we will need your help! we need all the captains to help us convince the Earth people of the dangerous times ahead, we need recruits, we need more Jumpin Saucers, more Matrons, more Footmen, we need more allies. It won’t be easy, but things never are, don’t give up there is hope yet!

Stardate: 68383.1 

KickStarter Ending

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