Our mission… to explore and develop inclusive mainstream social games where blind and visually impaired people can independently join in the fun.

Audazzle are developing inclusive and accessible multi-player games. We hope to impact social isolation. Our aim is to make video game technologies that meet diverse accessibility needs. Nobody should get left out because of technology, all friends and family members should be able to play games together.

We were funded on KickStarter!

Thank you to everyone who supported and pledged, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Didn’t get a chance to support us on KickStarter, but still want to help?


or PRE-ORDER The Aloniverse

Link to the Aloniverse S1-D1



 JumpInSauceRS is available to download on Google Play and iTunes Connect Store!


Google Play

Paid version JumpInSauceRS

Free version Free JumpInSauceRS

iTunes Connect

Paid Version JumpInSauceRS

Free Version Free JumpInSauceRS


Why two Versions?

We’ve released two versions, simply because we want everyone to have access to our games, money doesn’t have to be an issue. However we hope those who can support us will purchase the game. By purchasing the game, not only will you be supporting us to create more games in the future, but your profile will also receive a medal of honour, this will be displayed in your rankings and scores on the Hall of Fame!

  • Jumping Saucers Game

(above) Screenshots of Audazzle’s game “Jumping Saucers”.

Latest News

Audazzle Audio Boom channel is live! Yes you heard it here first, Audazzle now has an Audio Boom channel and it is amazing! We kicked off our first official boo by interviewing lead developer Selwyn. We discussed the inspiration, challenges and motivation behind Audazzle. Want to hear it? listen to ‘About Audazzle’ on audioBoom

No cheating! Just fair play.

With the current emphasis in video games being primarily on graphics; blind and visually-impaired gamers are often entirely excluded from the experience, or are unable to fully participate. It’s unfair to leave some players at an immediate disadvantage, so Audazzle games put the audio content on an equal footing with the visuals. This means that any player can win the game whether they play it by ear, by sight or both!

Get involved!

Here at Audazzle.com, you can:

• Test our prototypes games.

• Play against your friends and family.

• Compete with fellow Audazzle gamers.

• Leave your feedback and see what changes we come up with.

• Be the first to know about future releases.

• Aid our research and help visually-impaired people across the globe! Two children playing a computer game together wearing headphones.

It is our mission to make social isolation a thing of the past by developing accessible, inclusive games where everyone can join in the fun!


Social Media Activity


Latest Facebook Activity

1 month ago


Friends, Facebook.com/Audazzle are looking for people to interview about why inclusive and accessible video games would make a difference to them or to somebody they know.

If you are willing to participate then like this post and we will be in touch.

Interviews will take approximately 5 mins.

Alternatively send us your own video or audio feedback about Audazzle See MoreSee Less

Our mission… to co-create an inclusive mainstream game world where blind and visually impaired people can independently play, make and share games t…

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2 months ago


www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0735q9k not sure how long this will be available, Audazzle is discussed in the second part of the show. See MoreSee Less

The closure of talking newspapers, plus a look at accessible computer games.

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3 months ago


JUMPINSAUCERS 1.8.8. announcement

Thanks for your valued support and attention

FREE beta access of JumpInSaucers game is now available for Apple’s Testflight programme via iphone and ipad. Testflight users sign up via www.audazzle.com pls.

• Android players may also download and play free via Google Play — this link –> tinyurl.com/jumpfree

• Android players can also pay £1.50 / equivalent to play and support our work via tinyurl.com/jumpaid

• Public launch of final game with all kinds of levels inspired by you is anticipated for March 22nd. This will include other stores like Windows and Mac.

Early tester slots for PC and MAC also available now on request

Many thanks to all downloaders, players and backers of Audazzle and our previous Kickstarter campaign… we are here thanks to you xx. See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago



the above link gives you free access to android public beta of the next version of JumpinSauceRS once if you want access to iphone / ipad version I need your email so private message audazzle or sign up via our website and say what device / platform you need access to. See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago



JumpinSaucers for Android and 1.8.7 for iOS is approved for public Beta testing. if your not on the iOS testflight list and want to be… theres a form on our website www.audazzle.com See MoreSee Less

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