Our game developers are busy coding away, ready for the official launch of Mists of Audazzle’s – Halls of Fame, this December at Insomnia 56. 

Medal of Honour

A medal of honour appears next to your name in our hall of fame, it is given to those who purchase our game and those who help us beta test our pre-release. “Jumpin Saucers” will be free to download with the option to purchase the game, therefore helping our cause and allowing us to continue developing more games in the future.

New Gamers

Upon installing our game from Google Play (Android users) and the App Store (Apple), players will be incarnated with a username at Level 2. They can then add their email address and get their user information sent to their email address. They’ll also be assigned a ‘clan’ affiliation, meaning you’ll become a member of a team of gamers who work together, as well as competing as individual players. However, players will have the option to desert their cohorts and form an alliance with another clan or start their own!

So get set to battle it out against your rivals for a place in the Mists of Audazzle ‘Hall of Fame’.