Make your own Club Audazzle

Club hosts can customise event templates, incorporate accessible games and our original content. Club hosts can make a difference in their community.  You’ll find everything you need to start a club here or to find a club here.

Why did we start Club Audazzle?

Our mission at Audazzle is to combat social isolation with accessible games and inclusive fun. We’ve proven that a video game can be made accessible to blind people. Playing games alone can be fun and absorbing but a video game isn’t good company.  It doesn’t help you overcome shyness with real people and it won’t care about you… at the end of the day it’s just a video game.

In a nut shell

Audazzle Clubs offer; entertainment, video games, story telling and a social dining experience at least once a week. People can meet people and build friendships and teams can compete just for the fun of it. People who go for weeks or months without human contact will learn that we want them to know our clubs are welcoming and inclusive.

Tell me more

Club Audazzle was originally designed to offer “out of this world” fun opportunities. We want to inspired friendly events near to you.

We want our events to provide an escape from the ordinary. Whether you want regular opportunities so that you can come to when you can, or join in the fun or a regular basis ….. all we ask is try out a club Audazzle event.  It could be just the thing  you’ve looking for.

There’s nothing near me yet, what do I do?

If there isn’t a live event or Club Audazzle in your area yet, no problem. You can either contact us to start one or you can watch a live stream from another Club online to see what all the fun is about.

Technology argh…

Our events may include traces of gaming tech.   but even if technology or video games are not your thing, don’t let that get in your way. People like you make Audazzle Clubs great as the ‘tech’ is not the thing,  YOU are. There will always be real people at our events who can help you with technology.

Why membership?

Currently, Club Audazzle members get early access to Mists of Audazzle games and content before they are made available on the app Store, Google Play or YouTube.

‘Members Only’ access includes new and developing story lines and new episodes from our comic science fiction universe known as ‘the Aloniverse’.

If you’d like to become a member now click here and choose a campaign.

For social entrepreneurs, event organisers, promoters or independent venues.

If you’d like to run a club in your community, please click here to get started. The process is simple and we’ll guide you step by step.

For artists, writers and games developers.

If you’d like to develop new content or submit an ideas for a new type of club or a whole different genre, contact us.   The production team will listen to your ideas and if there’s a fit, we’ll find a way to work with you.




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