Pre-order Mists of Audazzle!

After an amazingly successful KickStarter campaign we are gearing up to start developing Mists of Audazzle, you can be one of the first to pre-order it right here.

   Photo of Mists of Audazzle Cover, with Ice Weatherspoon Spaceship!

Download our first game ‘JumpInSauceRS’ now!

With great delight, we can officially inform you that our first game JumpInSauceRS is available to download on Google Play store!
Rest assured ‘S T Lloyd’ is a legitimate representative of Audazzle.

   Logo of JumpInSauceRS

Google Play

Paid version

Free version

iTunes Connect

Paid Version

Free Version


Why two versions?

We released two versions because we want everyone to have access to our games. Money doesn’t have to be an issue. However, we hope those who can support us will, by purchasing the game. Not only will you be supporting us to create more games in the future, but your profile will receive a medal of honour, which will be displayed in your rankings and scores in the Hall of Fame!

Keep Testing and sending Feedback!

Although we have launched the game, we are always looking to improve and make the game more accessible to everyone! So please send us feedback, we’re always checking to make sure we’ve taken everyone’s views into account. You will receive a response to your feedback within one day, there are various ways to send your feedback, they are: The Website feedback form Our Facebook Our Twitter email us

Put on your headphones and jump aboard our spaceship. Dodge and destroy the enemy vessels that hurtle towards you. Can you save the universe from total destruction by defeating the evil Queen DarkSock?

Screenshot from JumpInSauceRS gameplay

About the game

To kickstart the Audazzle project, we have adapted the classic spaceship “shoot ‘em up” game format to create JumpInSauceRS. The game features both 3-D graphics and 3-D sound, so put your headphones on and give it a try! Take it in turn with your friends and see who wins. After playing, be sure to leave lots of suggestions, comments and bright ideas. They could well become an additional feature, new level or an entirely different game in the future! With your input, we can experiment and engineer our games so that they become progressively more interactive.

Information for parents

Audazzle creates family friendly games that are suitable for all ages. Trying out our prototypes is entirely free, with no subscription fee or in-app purchases. Feedback from you and your child will aid our research to create quality games suitable for general release in the future. Although we do not ask for any personal information, any information you choose to share with Audazzle will be kept strictly confidential.

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