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Plantifons are semi-intelligent, super sensitive, walking plants that can feed themselves and don't pay enough attention to their roots. Because their roots are not much use to them they rely on the Munduqui to provide them a liquid diet which must be pour into an upside down bell like receptacle on top of their head like crowns.

The Plantifons of Munduham became enslaved by the Munduqui in the second age of string. Some refer to their slaves as pets and claim they are free to leave their service. Others explain that Plantifons are as their name suggests primarily plants who ought to take better care of their roots. Well known characters like Nettlemuncher have been in trouble on more than one occasion for devouring their neighbours favourite servants.

The Plantifons are on the verge of an alliance with a butterfly like species known as Butter Wolfen . In exchange for dealing pollen the Butter Wolfen are given a place to hatch safely.