Audazzle launches first inclusive and accessible video game ‘JumpInSauceRS’

The first in a series of fantasy games that reduce social isolation by allowing blind and sighted individuals to play together.

JumpInSauceRS is a space shooter game currently playable on both Android tablets and mobile devices, as well as Apple I-devices.
(Paid version, Free version

“Nobody wants to see lots of stories and linked mini games more than me.” – Dark –

JumpInSauceRS game screenshot Screenshot from JumpinSaucers

Mists of Audazzle is live on KickStarter to raise development funds

“The Mists of Audazzle” is a social narrative and fantasy gaming network to connect sighted and visually impaired gamers through role-playing and turn-based storytelling. It will empower visually impaired gamers to be in the driver’s seat, design their own games and decide how the story unfolds via their in game fantasy characters.  Gamers will act on behalf of their fantasy persona to create stories within Mists and find new ways to communicate and overcome social isolation. Audazzle Ltd. is a start-up founded in 2014 by Selwyn and Marie Lloyd, the parents of Daisy, a girl who lost her eyes to cancer at the age of two.  Daisy soon lost her confidence and self-esteem as she was left out of games at school, in the playground and even at home. However, Audazzle is not only about the Visually Impaired. More than 10% of the UK population suffers from varying degrees of social isolation. Lowering that percentage is their ultimate quest and “The Mist of Audazzle” is their weapon.

Audazzle’s founders:

Selwyn Lloyd: Selwyn is an experienced artist, software developer and technology project manager, with 20+ years entrepreneurial and technology experience in software start ups, data, telecoms, e-learning, publishing and branded goods industries.  Selwyn founded numerous technology companies and software projects for web and mobile. His software development clients have included notable companies like Vodafone and Xerox as well as a range of Universities, Research and Higher Education consortia. Selwyn has a diverse range of non-commercial interests, including funding research into rare genetic mutation Retinoblastoma and helping young people with learning difficulties via non-exec roles at Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund and Oxford’s CFL (Charitable Football League). Marie Lloyd: Marie is a qualified teacher and lecturer who gained her Mandatory Qualification to teach Visually Impaired Children (Master’s Program) in 2008.  Since then, she has been working with visually impaired children of all ages to ensure they reach their full potential in learning. Marie also co-founded and managed a software development company with many projects in the education sector. She project-managed various large scale investigations and led teams of technicians, software developers and scientists. Graduated as a chemist, she also worked in the water industry and environmental sector as a process scientist. Marie also has a range of non-commercial and social impact interests including managing financial accounting for Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund.