Here is what the Audazzle team actually do do. or Do Do 2017

We write far out Lore.

In the writing of the Lore we discover new planets, characters and phenomena in the Aloniverse. Think Monty Python meets Star Trek, meets Tolkien’s Middle Earth, meets Diskworld with a healthy dose of Dr Who and a sprinkling of The Two Ronnies. I suppose we might call it Sci-Fi Comedy.

We make card games from a core deck of cards derived from the Aloniverse.

Cards fanded outClose up of cards

The characters and planets of the Aloniverse are brought into the physical realm through the creation of an ever expanding card deck. We adapt traditional card games to our deck and invent new ones altogether. We encourage anyone who comes into contact with the deck to see if they can think of a new game. We can then add it to the games at ( Pretty soon this will be launched so everyone can co-author the various wikis that feed into our episodes, clubs and tradeable card games.

We make video games

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The Audazzle combine video game technology with our various card games. So, for example, our mystic and somewhat maverick card reading app uses artificial vision to recognise images. This currently unlocks audio and soon video, as well as game technology. we can then use Augmented Reality but in our own take on what it’s good for.

Audazzle enhance games

Audazzle judge what we do internally by virtue of enhancement. Does the tech add something to the party?

If the tech can add something to video games and or old card games, then it stands a chance of reaching you in our products and clubs very soon.

We host and run clubs and episodes

CoCos event food boxes

The games or prototypes that we have the most fun with are sure to find their way to you and to Audazzle Clubs

So last, but not least, we mash up activities for team v team Club Audazzle competitions and experiences. So far, this has entailed eating with lots of turn based fun. We have many plans.

Our focus is to produce 36 episodes of Aloniverse content per year and to give club goers every opportunity to influence stories AND to muscle in on the action and submit sketches of their own from their own group or club.

In case your looking for that old page

If you actually wanted to know Why we do or What we did to get this far or the Mission then follow on of those links.